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Bowdecon is a family owned, family operated business created to help other families and businesses.

Daniel Bowen started Bowdecon LLC Biohazard Management in response to a need first
recognized many years ago with the rifle suicide of a family member.  The police made the official
report, taking great care with the devastated family members.  The body was removed, but the
task of clearing the aftermath fell to Mr. Bowen, with the help of his brother.

During Daniel's subsequent years in law enforcement, that same set of circumstances arose
repeatedly in suicide, accident, trauma, natural death and crime cases encountered in his official
duties.  The problem was that until recently, services of this kind simply did not exist anywhere in
the world.  This meant that the
family was left to endure the difficult and often gruesome task of
clean-up at a time when they were already severely traumatized.

From personal and professional experience, Mr. Bowen has long felt that family members should
NEVER personally have to deal with the aftermath of suicides, homicides, accidents or human
decomposition.  These incidents are extremely difficult at best for family members to endure,
without adding the mental anguish of removing the aftermath on their own.

Now finally, there are alternatives.  Not willing to simply go out with just a mop and good
intentions, Mr. Bowen wanted to learn how to
properly and safely deal with these situations, to
ensure that his clients' needs would be completely met.   Extreme cleaning is what we do... it is not
simply a sideline for us as it is with so many other cleaning companies.  We take our tasks very

Mr. Bowen was trained and certified by Amdecon® and is proud to offer services to the entire state
of Michigan, as well as the northwestern Ohio and northern Indiana areas.

Carefully following the standards, training and practices learned at Amdecon®, Bowdecon LLC
Biohazard Management uses only 'Green', environmentally friendly, hospital grade, EPA
registered products and state of the art equipment to restore contaminated scenes to a safe,
non-biohazardous, pre-incident condition.  

Phone: 248-860-6314  (voice or text)
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