Frequently Asked Questions
Q:  How soon can you be here?
Because we recognize the urgency in these situations, Bowdecon will respond to emergencies as
soon as we get the call, 24/7.  We know it is something that the client wants resolved as quickly as
possible.  Of course, that is not always what works best for the client.  We will also be happy to
schedule a time that may work better for you.

Q:  Is there an extra fee for emergency responses?
No.  Bowdecon LLC does not charge extra fees for emergency call-outs, after hours, weekends
or holidays.  

Q:  Who pays for this service?
In most cases, your home owner's, business or auto insurance will reimburse you or pay us
directly for the costs of biohazard remediation, though each insurance company and policy varies.  
You will want to contact your insurance claims department for verification (we can help you with
that, if you wish).
Some locations are covered by Victim's Aid Services, which help defray the costs.  Tenants may be
liable, but ultimately, the responsibility falls to the property owner.

Q:  How long will the cleanup take and what will it cost?
Every incident is unique and an inspection of the scene is necessary before we (or anyone) can
give you an accurate estimate.

Q:  Why do I need Bowdecon?
Our technicians have been trained and certified to properly remove, decontaminate and legally
dispose of potentially infectious waste.  Quite often, body fluids collect beneath surfaces and are
not visible to the untrained eye.  We will find and decontaminate all areas exposed to bloodborne
pathogens and biohazardous/infectious materials.

Q:  Why not just have my employees clean the scene?
OSHA's Bloodborne Pathogen Standard 29 CFR 1910.1030 states that employees must be
provided with information and training prior to dealing with blood or other potentially infectious
material, including having a signed contract with an approved medical waste disposal company.  
ONLY if your business complies with these actions and 29 CFR 1910.1030, can you allow an
employee to clean up a trauma scene.
Due to the risks involved with exposure to such pathogens, most insurance companies recommend
clean-up by a trained professional.  

Q:  Can any cleaning service recover blood, body fluids or pathological waste?
No.  Per Federal Regulation 29 CFR 1910.1030, only service providers that have received
specialized training, have been properly equipped to handle biohazardous waste, have
mechanisms in place to properly dispose of the recovered waste and deal with any possible
exposures, may provide these services.

Q:  Why is decontamination so important?
Some bloodborne pathogens can survive outside the human body for long periods of time.
For example:
  • AIDS virus (HIV)  -  up to 48 hours
  • Hepatitis B  -  2 to 8 weeks

Proper decontamination is important to protect yourself, your
family, friends, employees or clients by destroying these viruses.  
Furthermore, failure to properly clean and decontaminate the
scene can lead to
severe odors.

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