Gross Filth / Distressed Properties
Some examples of Gross Filth include:
  • Trash left about the property (inside or out).
  • Multiple pets that have been allowed to defecate inside a residence (animal hoarding).
  • Wild animals that have gotten inside and created messes and/or defecated.
  • 'Pack Rat' behavior  (Hoarding) -- uncontrolled collecting of garbage, newspapers, clothing, etc.
  • Any unhealthy living situation or condition that puts the resident or others at risk or makes the
    property unsafe.

Removing the rubbish from a neglected property is a large and dangerous task, especially when
there are potentially infectious substances and other unknown exposures buried within the contents
of the general filth.  A few examples from a very long list are hypodermic needles, broken glass,
dead animal carcasses, weapons or anything saturated with blood or bodily fluids.  Bowdecon
Biohazard Management staff is properly trained and fully certified to safely remove and properly
dispose of the unwanted items (furniture, garbage, carpet, sharps, drugs, etc.).

We will then clean, decontaminate and remove any applicable biohazards to make the property
habitable and/or ready for resale.  To the best of our ability, discarded items will be recycled rather
than simply disposed in a landfill.  The staff of Bowdecon truly care about our clients and their
specific needs.

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Human Decomposition / Unattended Death
Hoarding house kitchen
Gross filth - dog feces in garage
Gross filth garage after clean-up of dog feces & urine
Before & After
Animal feces & urine covering the entire garage floor, creating a health hazard for animals & humans alike, to say nothing
of the slip & fall hazard or the tremendously foul odor
Gross filth  -  dog feces & urine on garage floor
Hoarded/gross filth kitchen, rented
house.  Rotten food & garbage
Gross Filth/Hoarding house kitchen  --  after cleaning
Same kitchen, after we cleaned.  The
refrigerator was too badly damaged to
save, as foodstuffs had been allowed
to fester and decompose within for
several months.
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Client Name or Invoice Number
Gross Filth Bathroom
Gross Filth Bathroom Toilet
Gross Filth Bathroom Sink
Gross Filth Bathroom - After
Gross Filth Bathroom Toilet - After
Before & After
Gross Filth house.  Feces & urine
covering the entire bathroom floor,
creating a serious health hazard, to say
nothing of the slip & fall risk or the
tremendously foul odor.  We cleaned and
decontaminated the room, then replaced
the old toilet with a new, high-efficiency,
comfort height toilet that is better suited
to the client's needs.

The rest of the house was not
quite as
severely contaminated, but needed our
services as well.  We were able to put
everything right for the client.