Human Decomposition
Sadly, more and more people are living alone, without the support of family and friends. Because of
this, their deaths sometimes go unnoticed for days, weeks or even months.  The overpowering odor
of a decomposing body can be unbearable and such scenes can be among the most difficult for
people to encounter.

Bowdecon LLC Biohazard Management will respond in a prompt manner to help in your time of
need.  We will properly remove and dispose of all saturated items and materials and professionally
clean, decontaminate and extract the associated odors.

Once again, if these particular services are covered by an insurance policy, we will make every
effort to assist you in dealing with the adjuster from start to finish, upon your request.

Bowdecon staff will serve you with the courtesy, compassion and professionalism that you deserve.  
We are always as discreet as possible and treat any information that is given to us as strictly

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Human Decomposition / Unattended Death
Human decomposition body outline on bed
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