Bowdecon LLC Biohazard Management offers services for city / county / municipal agencies.

These Services include:

  • Law Enforcement / Fire Department / Municipal Vehicles:  Bowdecon will properly clean,
    decontaminate and deodorize any type of law enforcement/first responder vehicle.  We will
    remove and properly dispose of any infectious waste or hazardous substance left behind in

  • Detention Facilities/Other County Properties:  Bowdecon will respond promptly to clean,
    decontaminate and remove the associated infectious waste and odors, to restore the area to a
    safe, non-biohazardous, pre-incident condition.  This service will include the complete removal of
    blood, body fluids, raw sewage and related gross filth.  All waste will be properly disposed in
    compliance with State and Federal regulations and in compliance with the strict guidelines set by
    the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

  • Clandestine Drug Lab/Meth Lab Decontamination.

  • Collection & proper disposal of obsolete evidence.

  • Sharps Collection & proper Disposal.

  • Roadway / Street / Sidewalk Clean-up:  For a description of Bowdecon street cleaning services,
    please refer to the 'Roadway / Outdoor Clean-up' link on any page of our website.

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Services for Police / Fire / EMS / Municipal Agencies
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