Until very recently, blood and bits of human tissue left behind on our streets, roadways and other
outdoor areas following a crash or other violent incident were simply 'washed down' by the local
Fire Department or even just left for nature to eventually absorb.  Out of sight perhaps, but still
there and
not properly decontaminated.

With newfound understanding and insight regarding biohazard and environmental
contamination, tougher regulations and restrictions are being imposed by government entities, so
'wash downs' or 'leaving it to nature' are no longer acceptable procedure.  Because certain strains
of bloodborne pathogens are able to sustain life outside of the body for weeks at a time, it is
crucial that these scenes be properly cleaned and decontaminated.

Bowdecon LLC Biohazard Management uses state of the art equipment, procedures and
products to properly and completely clean, decontaminate and remove any infectious waste left
behind on streets, sidewalks and roadways following a crash or violent incident.

By following proper procedures, the bloodborne pathogen threat can be neutralized, thus
returning the scene to a condition that is once again safe for human contact.  

Emergency services are available 24 hours per day/7
days per week and we will arrive as promptly as

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