Located in Ithaca (central Michigan), Bowdecon is proud to offer services to all of Michigan.  We
will also respond to incidents which occur in the northwest Ohio and northern Indiana areas.

Even if you are not within our described service area, don't hesitate to call, as we are associated
with companies in most areas of the country who are equally trained and qualified to care for your
needs.  Our
Links page lists a few of our cohorts and we would always be happy to help you connect
with a company close to you if these are not.

Bowdecon uses only 'Green', environmentally friendly, hospital grade, EPA registered products
and state of the art equipment to restore contaminated scenes to a safe, non-biohazardous,
pre-incident condition.

Because we understand the need to quickly and effectively resolve these situations,

Emergency services are available 24 hours per day, 7 days per
week, every single day of the year.
 We will arrive as promptly as possible and work
as discretely as we can, to help ensure your privacy.

Phone: 248-860-6314  (voice or text)
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Human Decomposition / Unattended Death
24 Hour Emergency Service
There when you need us most!
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