Suicide Cleanup
Sadly, suicide is an epidemic that is claiming the lives of far too many Americans each year.  
Families and loved ones left behind are frequently devastated and confused, seldom knowing where
to turn.  

Suicide scenes are especially difficult for family members to encounter.  The additional mental
anguish of having to clear the aftermath by themselves can cause emotional trauma from which
some people may never recover.

Bowdecon LLC offers suicide scene cleanup services to help families during this dreadful and
difficult time.  This discreet and confidential service includes the cleaning, decontamination,
removal and proper disposal of all potentially infectious substances and materials such as blood,
body fluids, tissue, etc.

By following proper procedures, the bloodborne pathogen threat can be neutralized, thus returning
the scene to a safe, non-biohazardous, pre-incident condition.

Bowdecon understands that you may not feel able to cope with the additional burden brought on by
interacting with insurance companies during this catastrophic time.  That is why we extend our
services to assist you with your insurance claim (if requested) from start to finish.  

Your peace of mind is our prime concern.  Emergency
services are available 24 hours per day/7 days per week
and we will arrive as promptly as possible.  

Phone: 248-860-6314 (voice or text)
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