Thanks soo much for your kindness and help.
We don't often meet sincere people in the work force but you go the extra mile and it was greatly
People come into our life and leave without a thought, however, I will always remember you and your


Hello Dan,
In thinking back, I simply cannot recall a time in the past twenty years in which I found it necessary
to write a letter of recommendation.  In this "CUSTOMER NO SERVICE" world your company is
one in a million.  A one in a million company would not exist without a one in a million business
Our family was exceptionally fortunate to become involved with your company BOWDECON, and
with you Dan Bowen.  We were faced with a hoarding situation which we would not have been
capable of handling on our own.  Not only was our situation handled with the utmost privacy,
professionalism, personal consideration and attention to detail, but you and your team disposed of
all of the necessary items both timely and discretely.  You also restored  the home to a level of
cleanliness well above that found in an average home.  In addition to the level of service I have
noted, we were unable to be in the area when the work took place.  Dan, you were so professional to
send us email updates and photos on a daily basis.  The trust we felt with you was superior.  We
would highly recommend the services of BOWDECON to any persons in need.  Dan, you have a way
of making a tragic situation manageable.
I would like to extend  thanks to you and your team from all of our family and friends.
Best regards,
-- Judith

Wow!  Thank you so much!  You and your crew did a fantastic job!  You are an astute professional
who went above and beyond the call of duty!  If you ever need a reference or testimonial, please feel
free to list my name!  
Thanks again,
-- Brad

Thank you, Daniel!  You and your crew did a fantastic job!  I couldn't ask or expect anymore.  I
really appreciate the time and care you took on getting the house back in order and ready to sell for
us.  I never thought it would look like it used to.  Thank you again and many blessings to you and
your crew!
-- Angela

Dear Dan,
I wanted to let you know how much Dianna appreciated all you helped her with.  She often talked
about you and really liked you as a person.  As difficult as things were for her, she felt supported
knowing that there were people like you that cared about her well-being.
I'm glad she was able to have a decent place to live in those last few months of her life.  It really did
help her be able to open up to people more and that improved her quality of life also.
-- Dianna's friend, Anita

Thank you for your kind, caring way, efficient, expeditious clean-up, wonderful, hard-working crew
when you did the water damage clean-up in my basement.  Thank you, I give my highest
recommendations for your services.
-- C.C.


Bowdecon handled my elderly parent's extreme hoarding/filth situation with professionalism,
courtesy, and calm!  At a time when our family was in tremendous pain, Dan went out of his way to
make sure the cleanup was handled with respect and thoroughness.  We are so pleased with the
results of his work, and it was worth every penny.
-- K.H.


Wanted to say “Thank You” again for your professional services in Las Vegas, but more important
we wanted to say “Thank You” for your watching out after us and your friendship.  Coming into a
huge town, not really knowing anyone and being thrown into this situation was “BIG” for the two of
us.  We depended on the two of you for guidance and looked forward to seeing smiling faces that we
knew!  No amount of earthly value can be placed on what the two of you gave to us that week.  Your
rewards will be reaped in the heavens!

…We just returned from 10 days in Las Vegas.  Had two contractors give up “band-Aid” bids to get
the house on the real estate market… I am also working with an investment team to buy the house
outright…  Good news!  All of the people who came into the house while we were there said they
could not “smell” the smell.  The contractors and the investment team had all been in houses with
similar backgrounds as ours and knew the smell.  You guys did a wonderful job for me!!!  Each of
them said they were a bit hesitant to come and bid knowing the situation and all were surprised that
the clean up was so thorough and odorless.  Thanks!  (I gave all of them your name and number.)
Thanks again for your support!
Keep your heart light and go forward with hope.
-- Deb

We are on our way back to Las Vegas tomorrow.  How ironic that it is exactly 1 year from the date
on the death certificate.  We have given your cards to a PI who lives in Northern Michigan and to
the county Under Sheriff.  There isn't a day that goes by that we don't think how fortunate we were
to have you on board the clean-up for us.  
Keep us in your prayers as we journey west.
-- Deb

My wife and I walked through the house on Sunday and could not believe the difference.  What a
magnificent job your crew did!  There is a roominess and lightness that I hadn’t experienced in that
house in years.  I’m looking forward to fixing it up.  Thanks so much for your wonderful work.
-- Bart

Thanks again for the professional and personal manner in which you handled the cleanup at my
rental property.  You did for me what you apparently do on a regular basis:  taking a gruesome
situation and making it bearable.  I'm so grateful.

You have always done such a great job for my sister.  You were an angel sent from heaven during
that very difficult time.  It would have been very difficult to get through things without you.  Again, I
thank you soooo much!!!!!
Have a great day...  I hope all is going well.
-- Barbara

I want you to know what a great crew you have working for you.  We only met them briefly when
we arrived home, but they were very kind and respectful.  It looks like they did a great job as well.  
Please pass on our appreciation to all of them.
-- Sue

Your crew did a beautiful job, I am very pleased with their work!  They get my respect.  And I don't
know how to tell you how grateful I am and what a great job they did.
-- Liz


I recently had a wonderful experience by hiring Bowdecon L.L.C.  The stressful clean up situation
was handled with care, attention, kindness and thoughtfulness by owner Daniel J. Bowen.  In fact,
working with him was a pleasure for me!
Don't think twice; I
strongly recommend using his services.  Dan is thorough, honest, considerate,
knowledgeable and a delight to be around.  I've never had such a great experience with hiring
someone and I've never before written a recommendation.  Words simply cannot express how
fortunate and happy I feel to have had this company and this man work with and for me.
Laura K

I am writing to thank you for the professional services you gave us cleaning my sister's home.  The
task of thoroughly cleaning a hoarder's home seemed overwhelming.
You sorted through items, neatly boxed and labeled the categories that she wanted kept and left the
house looking beautiful.  I am especially grateful that you and your employees were honest and
returned the large amounts of cash that were buried in the rubble.  I also appreciated the immediate
response to my initial phone call and your willingness to work around our schedule.  We were in a
crisis mode and under a lot of stress.  Your calm and pleasant personality made a situation that I
was dreading most pleasant.
We also appreciated your follow up calls to make sure everything was completed to our liking.  
Please feel free to use Bob and I as a reference in the future.
Thanks again!
Evelyn T.

I can't thank you enough, both from me and on behalf of the Board of Trustees and the users of our
township hall, for the great job you did in making this a better place to work...
Robert W.
Township Clerk
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